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"We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things divide us." 

- Jo Cox MP

Why Choose True North HR Consultants?

Putting People First

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. No processes can replace their contributions. From recruitment to leadership development, we help you empower employees, motivate them and foster better collaboration.

A Passion for Process Refinement

We help streamline your process refinement strategies and optimize your operations. From improved collaboration to enabling greater performance efficiency, we ensure your resource allocation is aligned with your company goals.

Fostering Risk-Aware Workplace Cultures

As your HR consulting firm, we use a personalized approach to develop internal strategies and set new standards while respecting your company culture. Keeping employees safe, happy, and enabled to deliver their very best.

About True North HR

From overhauling your Employee Handbook or HR Policies, to a complete audit to ensure your company is in full compliance with labour regulations, we are here to support and advise the entire way.Need assistance in hiring and onboarding new staff? As an extension or supplement to your HR department, our consultants do the work for you! Providing human resources services in Canada for over 20 years, we bring value to our clients with our extensive experience and expertise.

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Fortune 500 Experience

Our Skilled team is made up of HR experts, many of whom have experience working with Fortune 500 companies.Whether you are growing company or an established firm we have the know how to guide your company to success.

Comprehensive HR Services

We offer complete HR services customized to your needs, from policies to compensation consulting. Identifying the areas that require improvment and creating an action plan that fits your business goals to propel you towards success!From small businesses to large organizations, our goal is to assist, advise and implement strategies and policies to make your business thrive and keep your people happy.

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Staffing Solution

Let us partner you by providing support for your business to recruit and retain top talent. Results matter and so does your time. True North HR can help employer branding.Let us help you identify the best talent that will move your business forward.

Performance Management Processes

We use unconventional approach and challenge some of the more traditional performance management models to provide you with a customized model that works for your people.Allowing them to align their talents and values to the projects that have been strategically selected to grow your business

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Our Philosophy

We measure success not by the size of our profits but by how well we achieve our mission to treat people fairly with dignity and respect and watch your business transform."The success of your business depends on you people."How you define success determines how successful you will be.We at True North HR believe the definition of success extends well beyond your balance sheet and requires looking at the health of your people, how you invest in them and how you are giving back.
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