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Success Driven by Passion

Entrepreneurs like you are passionate about building something incredible.

You’re focused on keeping employees happy, treating them fairly, and creating value in your business through employees, but can you do all this on your own? The key is to share the load.

Focus on what matters most – innovation, product development, market expansion – while HR experts take on the task of producing and implementing healthy business strategies that keep employees engaged and productive.

A professional and skilled HR team handles time-consuming HR tasks, such as recruitment, talent management, compliance management, and policy development, clearing the way to your goals.

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Elevating Employee Experience

Employees are company lifelines. When staff members feel valued, they achieve more.

Showing, more than telling, works where expressing employee appreciation. Employees who feel safe and happy are motivated to deliver their best.

Fractional HR
Pay Equity
HR Policies
Organizational Design
HR Audit

Fractional HR

Outsource specific human resource functions to HR experts on a part-time basis


Acquire top-tier talent through strategic recruitment and management


Adopt an employee-first HR approach that goes far in business development

Pay Equity

Create a thriving, inclusive workplace that’s ready for the changing world

HR Policies

Craft cohesive HR policies tailored for workforce and organizational success

Organizational Design

Create a dynamic work environment to optimize operations and functions

HR Audit

Stay on top of labour laws and regulations with compliant policies and rules


Take your leadership to unparalleled heights of professional growth

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Taking You To HR Autonomy

True North HR is a trusted partner in your business journey, from talent acquisition to employee development and beyond. Our skilled team is committed to empowering you so you can drive organizational success on your own. We equip you with the HR knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, leading to a more engaged workforce and long-term success.

We seamlessly integrate efficiency, compliance, innovative solutions, and best practices into your HR operations, creating a foundation for sustained growth.

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Practical, smart and knowledgable. True North is a breath of fresh air. They listened to our business HR needs and created solutions that worked for us vs. suggesting out of the box pie in the sky HR ideas.

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