About Us

Our team takes the time to understand your business, no matter the scale. We’ll walk you through the process of transformation that will deliver the change you want to see.

Who We Are

True North was built on the foundation of accessible HR solutions for all businesses. While founding our company, we noticed a gap between what was available to larger organizations and those for small and medium-sized enterprises. We fill that gap by fulfilling the needs of our clients who are looking for permanent solutions rather than quick fixes.

We maintain passion, integrity, and a commitment to excellence throughout our projects. Our time in this business has revealed to us what works and what doesn’t. As a result, we offer a better opportunity for companies that require various HR solutions. We are a national firm with locations in the GTA and Collingwood. Supporting your team from anywhere is what we do.

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Innovative & Purposeful

Innovative & Purposeful

Empathetic & Human

Empathetic & Human

Positive & Trusting

Positive & Trusting

Meet our Leadership Team

We’d describe our team as friendly, passionate, and dedicated. Each team member is an experienced problem solver who seeks to uncover how they can work with you to improve your HR as needed. True North lays out linear and strategic plans that consider what has happened and what you want to see happen.

Paola Accettola

Paola Accettola

CEO & Principal Consultant

With over 25 years of experience in HR, Paola specializes in operations and optimizing clients' HR processes, systems, and structures. She is also passionate about compensation and performance.

Angela Burt

Angela Burt

Head of Recruitment

Angela oversees end-to-end recruitment for all of True North HR’s clients. Her responsibilities include creating job descriptions and postings, planning pre-screens and virtual interview guides, conducting interviews and identifying prospective candidates for their clients.

Kelly Glass

Kelly Glass

Vice President of Consulting Services

Kelly has extensive experience advising leaders as a Human Resources Executive and Coach. She has worked at various companies where she honed her understanding of leadership roles.

The True North Difference

Throughout your time running your company, you may have realized that every piece of the puzzle includes your employees, which is why your business succeeds. The employee experience is a critical part of this, and how you recruit, train, and retain staff makes all the difference in the bigger picture. At True North, we understand this fundamental concept.

We also appreciate that complete change doesn’t happen overnight. The time we take to understand your business, create a strategic plan, and recommend actionable steps is not an exclusive process. It is a collaborative one. We ensure that you get it right, saving you time and money and allowing you to grow your business successfully.

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Our Mission

Our team wants your team to be able to perform at their best. To us, that means meeting them where they are. We approach with an open mindset and are eager to learn about the aspects of your business that need additional attention.

We examine processes through a human lens and wait to make changes until we fully understand the culture and team we are working with. Our recommendations come from a thoughtful place, making sure that we have a full picture of your current organizational structure, how you got to where you are, and how you can reinvest in the people that are crucial to your success.

Our Core Values

We believe in never compromising on the humanity of HR. People are the backbone of your business and must be regarded with integrity, dignity, and respect.

Many of our principles come from our depth of knowledge. We take a realistic view of things and leverage our toolkit based on our experience from previous situations.

We aim to help you through every step of your journey working with us. We’re here to ensure your actions amount to the transformation of your business needs.

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What Our Clients Say

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