Generative AI and Human Resources

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Invention breeds comfort and ease. But before innovation becomes convenient, it can be disruptive. While technological advancements have led to rapid changes in all walks of life, one disruption acted as a serious game-changer in 2023.  We’re talking about generative AI (GenAI) — the most commonly known version of which is ChatGPT. This tech went […]

Pay Equity Analysis in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

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On the world stage, pay equity is influenced by many international organizations seeking equal pay for work of equal value. Within Canada, this movement is protected by the federal Pay Equity Act, which outlines the rules organizations must follow from a compliance perspective. This act extends beyond legal considerations to showcase an alignment with principles […]

What is Pay Equity?

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The movement towards pay equity dates back to the 1860s to address the gender wage gap. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that this concept gained substantial attention at the International Labour Convention 100, where Canada signed an agreement to ensure equal pay for work of equal value. Perhaps you’ve heard this term tossed around, […]

HR Audits: The Complete Guide

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Human resource policies take time to draft, review and implement. Once this process is completed, you can move on to other HR concerns and leave them set in stone. As your organization grows, it is essential to ensure these policies remain relevant and effective. This is where the  HR audit comes into play. An HR […]

Understanding Fractional HR and How it Can Help Your Business

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As your business scales, the need for capable, experienced, and dedicated staff grows. These professionals will help propel your vision forward, but it can be challenging to add to your team, considering the resources needed. This is a common theme for HR departments. Whether you have an in-house employee or are considering outsourcing, fractional HR […]

The Value of Total Compensation Packages: A Comprehensive Guide

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Total compensation has emerged as a prominent term among companies looking to attract and retain top talent. However, it has always been an integral part of the employee compensation structure, which aims to provide equitable remuneration. While compensation is defined as “money that an employee receives for doing their job,” total compensation is about more […]

What’s the Difference Between Pay Equity and Pay Equality?

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Navigating compensation terminology can be tricky. Acronyms that aren’t spelled out, phrases you don’t understand, or terms that seem to mean the same thing. It wasn’t long ago that speaking about pay or wages was considered an outlawed conversation. But now, pay has become an authentic topic of conversation. Pay equity vs. pay equality is […]