Why Do Company Leaders Need Executive Coaching?

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Change is unsettling for businesses, but it’s especially challenging if their leadership can’t adapt rapidly.  Most companies think of mentorship when things go south. Future-minded leaders are acutely aware of the importance of constant professional development, so they build their skills before the storm hits. Smart executives keep their teams top of mind because they […]

The Crucial Role HR Plays in Pay Equity

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Canada is currently 52nd among 146 countries surveyed in gender wage parity by the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2023 Global Gender Gap report. You read that right … we’ve barely made the top 50.  The report also says Canada has only shown a 0.2 percentage-point decline in the overall wage parity score since WEF last checked. At this rate, […]

Unlocking Organizational Efficiency and Flexibility with Fractional HR

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Determination and ambition drive business owners to build their ventures from the ground up. But when their HR needs grow beyond makeshift solutions, it’s time to act fast. It’s now a job for fractional HR experts. Fractio-what, you say? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.When True North HR first started offering fractional HR several years ago, that […]

Easy Steps for Payroll Readiness During Tax Season

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It’s only the second month of the year, so why are we talking about taxes so soon? Because it’s one of those important tasks that can creep up on you and absorb all your precious time, especially if you haven’t been meticulously tracking payroll throughout the year. But what’s HR got to do with it […]

How to be Compliant with Ontario’s Pay Transparency Act

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Gone are the days of hidden salary figures. It’s the era of pay transparency. “For companies, it’s the canary in the coal mine,” says Paola Accettola, CEO & Principal Consultant at True North HR. “It’s important to pay attention to it.” Salary transparency is not just about numbers; it’s a pivotal stride toward wage fairness, […]

Decoding Pay Transparency in Ontario: A Guide for Employers

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In the dynamic landscape of employment legislation, adhering to pay transparency laws is crucial for Ontario employers. Not only does this demonstrate compliance, but it’s also significant to staff, impacting workplace culture and morale. That’s because pay transparency fosters trust, fairness, and motivation by reducing inequality and validating compensation fairness within the workplace. However, as […]

Ontario’s Electronic Monitoring Policy: Here’s What You Should Know

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Remote and hybrid working conditions sharply rose during 2020, and that trend has continued for many organizations. In light of the opportunity for various work conditions, the Ontario government put together Bill 88, which specifically addresses electronic monitoring policies and the Digital Platform Workers’ Rights Act.  This legislative compliance requirement, which mandates the creation and […]

How to Create a Leadership Development Plan

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Leadership is one of the most crucial elements of an organization. It guides culture, morale, and work ethic and helps drive the company forward. However, hiring specifically for leadership positions can be challenging. It can take time for someone to understand the nuances of an enterprise, all the while trying to guide other employees. However, […]