HR Consultants Discussing Compensation Needs

Pay Equity Consulting

At True North HR Consulting, we firmly believe that employees deserve fair and appropriate compensation for their roles. Regardless of their gender identity or experience, these folks trust in their employers and vice-versa. Therefore, ensuring optimal retention, employee satisfaction, morale, and performance efficiency, pay equity is crucial in any organization operating today.

As some of Ontario’s most trusted pay equity consultants, we’re here to help with that.

What is Pay Equity?

Pay equity is otherwise known as equal pay. Fair pay for an honest day’s work. As stated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, one of the leading regulatory bodies on the subject, if multiple positions are equally beneficial to an employer’s operations, then each employee should be paid the same amount. There’s no leaving anyone behind, no short-selling due to a “junior” designation, and no making hard-working employees feel lesser-than. They’re superstars, and our pay equity consulting services are here to help them shine.

A significant driving force of pay equity is the Pay Equity Act, which is meticulously optimized to address pay fairness issues plaguing society, including gender and age discrimination, among others. This is a must-read for businesses and organizations, for-profit or not, of all applications and sizes. We refer to it ourselves and know it inside out, which is why we’re an ideal choice when searching for pay equity consultants in Ontario.

Pay Equity Compliance

Our True North HR Consulting team takes no chances when ensuring pay equity for all your employees. Of course, we know how challenging it can be to operate as a business nowadays, which is why we’re committed to ensuring that your company is fully compliant with all relevant guidelines and regulations, chief among them the Pay Equity Act.

We do this through comprehensive data analysis and auditing of your payroll. Our goal is to help you correct mistakes if they have been made, set your team members up for success with fair and appropriate earnings, and ensure that you avoid any nasty infractions for violating compliance agreements. Through our services’ auditing, reconciliation, and advisory elements, we work methodically and leave no stone unturned. We’ll generate thorough and easy-to-follow reports, provide well-informed recommendations on what to do to rectify pay-related issues and utilize our HR capabilities to interface with employees to ensure that they have peace of mind.

Advantages of Pay Equity

A workplace that ensures absolute pay equity for every position, regardless of gender identity, experience, or seniority, is a happier place to be. Your employees will feel genuinely valued and respected, and there is no bias present that would otherwise stifle their willingness to deliver their best effort every day. Unfortunately, some businesses forget what a team truly stands for, which is why we’re all about helping organizations ensure fairness, consideration, and mutually beneficial employment arrangements for every worker within their walls (not to mention those working remotely).

Achieving absolute pay equity makes life better for everyone under your employ. It minimizes the risk of infighting, ensures that the employer isn’t violating any governing rules or regulations that keep their doors open, and enables improved quality of life through standardized income allocation. To learn more about our pay equity services, contact our team today. We’re happy to assist!