Five Tips for Hiring Top Talent

Two individuals shaking hands in a professional setting.

Adding the right person to your team can transform it in more ways than one. Looking for top talent and filling a role within your organization takes time, and just as you are searching for the right person, they are searching for the right company. There must be a match on both sides.

With that said, you might wonder if there is a secret to attracting top talent. While there is no definite answer that can work for all businesses, some things can help you stand out from the crowd.

1. Build a Stronger Workplace Culture

As numerous companies develop new and unique perks for their staff, making these incremental changes or improvements has become the norm. Things like adopting a flexible work environment, allotting personal days, or celebrating team members with cake on their birthday can make a difference. The right workplace culture can help you attract talent and also retain it. Get a read on your current culture and do some industry research on what could entice potential candidates. 

2. Showcase Your Employees Through Social Media

The application process involves plenty of vetting on your end. But make no mistake, those candidates are vetting you, too, through social media. Expect them to visit your organization’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages. A curated, well-informed, and detailed presence builds your credibility as a place where people want to work. Develop a strategy highlighting what makes your business special, including employee testimonials and leaving room to brag a little.

3. Create Career Progression Opportunities for Your Employees

Applicants today are often not content to remain in one position for a decade. They want to upskill and develop the knowledge necessary to progress in their careers. Being a part of a business that allows employees to expand and improve their hard or soft skills can easily attract talent. Start by examining your current training programs or training credits. What can be included to add value? Showing interest in a potential candidate’s longer-term career development can significantly impact the hiring process.

4. Evaluate Your Brand’s Reputation

The stronger your reputation is, the higher the chance that great candidates will apply. In addition, your recruitment process should reflect the reputation of your brand. It’s all in the details of how you present yourself when attracting talent, starting with the job posting all the way to the job offer. Consider what’s working well and what could be improved upon. If your culture is great and your services or products are exceptional, but no one knows, it could hurt your ability to attract top talent.

5. Consider the Application and Hiring Process

Potential candidates are interested in smooth, simple application processes that don’t require a manual to understand. If a qualified individual clicks on a link to apply, but they have to fill out multiple forms, they might abandon their application. Similarly, if you hire an applicant for the position but the onboarding and training processes are off-base or confusing, the likelihood that they will stick around diminishes. Present clear, concise, and relevant information at each stage. Align your efforts pre and post-hire, ensuring you attract and secure the talent you are looking for.

Finding the right person to fill a vacant position might take weeks, even months. For many businesses, that is simply time that they do not have. Recruiting is a staple process in HR that ensures your company finds great candidates and that they can find your company. At True North HR Consulting, we take a multi-faceted approach to staffing solutions, working with you to tailor a strategy that makes a difference. Ready to start attracting top talent to your open positions? Contact us today.