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Small Business HR Advisory Services

Interested in getting a second opinion? How about a helping hand to make meaningful change happen? This is where we shine at True North HR Consulting, offering attentive and supportive HR advisory services for small businesses to ensure your team is set up for success. Whether you have concerns regarding your internal recruitment standards, need assistance with maintaining compliance or otherwise, we take a personalized approach. That means our recommendations aren’t straight from a textbook – we instead put your people first.

HR Advice Suited for Your Business

No two businesses are 100% alike. Otherwise, you’d share the same clients and employees! Each of you operates a little differently with a unique personality and culture. This is what should be cultivated, ensuring a healthy, productive, and motivated workforce who loves what they do. Our HR advisory services prioritize this aspect, making it possible to improve retention and morale by acting on our well-informed recommendations. As an external body with no internal stake, this also ensures that there is no bias behind the insights we deliver.

Moreover, we’re here when you need us, we love questions, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge to help your team achieve greater success together. Our advice has been utilized in a variety of ways including ensuring an optimal work-life balance, addressing ethics concerns, helping organizations finetune their values and goals, and more.

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Ideal for Small and Medium Businesses

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Perhaps you’re responsible for a blossoming start-up with big dreams and a small complement of staff. Or maybe you manage a mid-sized company with a positive reputation not only among the locals but others a little further afield. Our attentive, considerate, and knowledgeable advisory services are ideally suited for small and medium businesses in a wide array of applications.

How We Can Help

There are several ways to make use of our HR advisory services. These include the following and more:

  • Departmental reviews and risk assessments
  • Policy and process overview
  • Maintaining compliance and identifying risk elements
  • Training and education for employees
  • Organizational design strategies
  • Policy and process refinement/development
  • Employee benefits and recruitment standards
  • Leadership training and guidance on best practices
  • Counselling referrals and mental health support

One-of-a-Kind Advisory for Your One-of-a-Kind Team

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We believe that no employee, whether in high-level positions or responsible for production on the shop floor, should be left out when it comes to ensuring healthy, positive work environments with an optimal balance. That’s why our services are customized to zero in on key pain points relevant to not only your business itself but the specific departments within it. For instance, perhaps you aren’t asking all the appropriate questions when vetting candidates during recruitment for a crucial managerial or senior role. Or, what if you’re experiencing cost overruns and attribute them to outdated processes or task bloat? We’re happy to step in, lend an ear and a hand, and help you navigate any choppy seas to ensure smoother sailing in the weeks to come. After all, your team is composed of unique, gifted individuals with specific talents and passions, so it only makes sense to embrace these capabilities to help them grow and thrive!

Stronger Together

Well-informed process refinement, compassionate and good-natured employee support, and proactive measures to do away with risks are the hallmarks of an effective HR strategy. With our commitment to your team and fostering an enviable workplace culture, we’re certain to help your organization achieve great things when we work together.

To learn more about our HR advisory services, please feel free to reach out to us and book a consultation. We’re happy to assist!

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