Leadership Consulting

The best and brightest leaders are those who are open to support and provide feedback. At the same time, they strive for excellence and prefer to keep their team members motivated. This is the philosophy we promote at True North HR with our dedicated leadership consulting services, utilizing the power of people to take your operations further. It’s time to maximize your capabilities as a leader and inspire your team to deliver their finest work!

Our Approach to Leadership Development Paves the Way for Success

We take great pride in striking up a conversation with a business leader and getting to know them. Doing so establishes a stronger connection that can then be passed along to the team members they are directly responsible for. Promoting a collaborative, motivational atmosphere is key in leadership development and consulting. Regardless of whether you’ve just started your start-up or are a seasoned enterprise veteran, True North HR can provide compelling insights and expertise to assist your leadership journey.

Just some of the key areas we can assist in include the following:

  • Risk assessments and precautionary planning
  • Development of soft and select hard skills
  • Employee vetting, training, and addressing staffing concerns
  • Leadership feasibility studies and informed guidance
  • Compliance adherence

What Do Leadership Development Firms Do?

As evidenced by our own operations, many things! We’re happy to assist your leadership team in the following areas and more, making our services comparatively more well-rounded than select other leadership consulting firms:


Need advice on how best to navigate a transition or process refinement? We’re able to provide comprehensive guidance and help you make decisions that you will be more confident in. We can advise on best practices, making risk-aware judgment calls, factual analysis, strategies for hiring and retaining talent, and more.

Succession Planning and Onboarding

If you’re a long-time executive preparing to retire or move onto another opportunity, you shouldn’t need to be overtly concerned about who will take over. We can assist with succession planning, onboarding, and establishing a deeper understanding of candidates before you make any major changes, setting yourself and your team up for success in the long run. Whether assessing competencies, justifying the creation of new assistant positions or otherwise, our team is here to help. 

Soft Skills Development

There’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything – frankly, we encourage continual learning so you can remain on your feet and always grow as a leader. Should you or anyone on your board require assistance with certain soft skills, we can gently yet objectively provide guidance on best practices and the chance for developing them. Whether you’d like to encourage employees to approach you with their needs, improve communications clarity, reduce tension or otherwise, True North HR can take your soft skills to the next level and encourage optimal teamwork.

Confidence Today, Success Tomorrow

A good leader is one who aligns business goals with available resources, the needs of employees, and their processes in a realistic and objective manner. They’re also trustworthy and staff should never dread coming to them with their needs or even to celebrate a win. Optimal leaders also motivate the team to brainstorm with efficiency, enjoy what they do, be more productive without adding extra burdens and make changes rather than conform to the past.

We can help in all these areas at True North HR with our leadership consulting capabilities, instilling confidence in you from your employees, fellow executives, and your own self. That means having one more go-to, dependable individual at the helm of the ship, not to mention overall smoother sailing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership development consultants have a keen eye for areas where leadership can be improved or refined. Organizations are alive with various roles that contribute to change and success. Leaders often influence these factors, creating the guidance needed to move things forward. As a result, it’s important to invest in these individuals and their constant learning. Rarely are two leaders in an organization the same, let alone from business to business.

As a result, leadership development consultants look at priorities at high and low levels. They examine what is working well and where gaps need to be bridged. When you hire the True North HR team, we work to understand your concerns before we start putting a plan together. Collaboration is important to us, meaning we understand your concerns from the root and avoid making assumptions. From there, we can use our knowledge and data to develop strategies that will make a difference.
Leadership coaching involves working with individuals to determine areas where they can improve their skills to become more effective and progressive in their roles. Numerous factors make a good leader, but not all leaders possess the same qualities or traits. Leadership coaching identifies where improvements can be made and fundamental qualities can be universally implemented and understood. This process might include highlighting communication or leadership styles and identifying goals that would make a difference regarding an organization’s leadership.
Any organization can benefit from leadership consulting. We believe leaders should constantly strive for betterment and invest in their learning journey. Leadership consulting can ensure leadership can adapt and improve while maintaining a standard of excellence. Leaders can help drive success in even the most challenging times, so reviewing your leadership team’s skills and potential areas for improvement can make a significant difference.

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