Organizational Design: Your Guide to an Effective Strategy

Organizational Design Consulting

Setting up your business – and your team – for success is a complex process. However, we at True North HR believe in mitigating redundancies and empowering organizations through informed, effective operational overhauls. This is where our organizational design services really shine, helping you set clear goals while maintaining a sensible, people-first approach to meaningful change. 

Let’s help you unlock the true potential of every incredible employee under your wing.

Organizational Design at a Glance

Organizational design is the process of concepting, implementing, and refining a strategy that leaves none of your operational elements by the wayside. Through a combination of administrative resources and shaping the design around the needs of all team members, everyone gets to band together to ensure greater success.

This is ideal, as any business needs the togetherness, unique perspectives, collaboration, and ideation that their many employees bring to the table. We work closely with businesses to face tomorrow and beyond with confidence, aligning their values and milestone goals with practical optimizations. As a result, you get a more informed and effective organizational design.

Human Capital Consulting

Our approach to human capital consulting is to help your employees become more efficient on their terms. This means listening to their needs, grafting them to an organizational design plan, and making adjustments to ensure their concerns are addressed. We also help to match responsibilities and roles to the right individuals, unlocking the potential of your specialists rather than creating an endless flow of Jacks of all trades.

By helping your team achieve greater success as individuals, you can capitalize on this growth and empowerment by way of added performance efficacy – and better results. All without adding pressure to their workloads. This is how you’ll be able to flex, scale, and thrive together.

HR Process Consulting

We put the human in human resources, and everyone’s invited to enact meaningful change, from the highest to lowest ranking positions in your company. By factoring everyone into the equation, you get bigger numbers. Numbers that can translate to hitting fundamental OKRs (and setting new, sensible ones), increasing retention, and boosting income potential that can be reinvested into your business to accelerate growth.

From trimming and streamlining processes to mitigating task bloat, helping you ensure full compliance with governing regulations and more, we cover all the angles and processes from an HR perspective without adding more to your to-do list. This is made possible by everything from comprehensive data analytics to listening to employee feedback from all levels and departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Short and simply, it starts with placing the right people into the right positions. This is where an effective vetting and recruitment strategy element comes into play, as well as harnessing the capabilities of your in-house specialists. By setting up individual employees for success, you can inform your business strategy and help shape a brighter future.
There are really two different kinds of scale: one version that dictates what is needed and another that is built on the foundation of employee perspectives. Expecting to double your income in one year is going to add needless pressure to your team if you don’t invest in and support them, for example, whereas the data and feedback they provide could instead help to inform more realistic roadmaps that everyone can get onboard with. In addition, valuing employee feedback and not letting critical issues fall by the wayside, even if they appear insignificant to higher-ups, can go a very long way.
Insufficient training, vetting, and/or onboardings are some of the most prominent risks to the modern business. The same goes for process and/or task bloat, performance inefficiencies and/or improper use of internal resources, a lack of employee motivation or positive morale, and any operational changes that do not first consult in-house perspectives and feedback-related data.
This will vary depending on your operational specifics, the compliances you need to adhere to and, most notably, the precise needs of your employees in all departments. We can help you with this by analyzing available data and guiding you on appropriate courses of action that will make life better for all within your business.

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