HR solutions for all shapes and sizes

Business scale is an important factor in numerous processes throughout your organization. Determining the right solutions for your company means weighing decisions carefully, especially in how you handle HR. True North believes everyone can benefit from professional HR support regardless of your enterprise’s size. Our small business HR consulting services prioritize what makes your organization unique while developing strategies that can have positive impacts.

Save Money and Time

Working at a small or medium-sized business means you might wear a few hats. Rather than adding to the rack, HR consulting provides you with professional advice and plans that help ensure your time is better spent on the areas you excel in. 

Understanding all the aspects of HR that your company needs means a lot of research, dedicating time and effort you don’t have or implementing resources that don’t work.  Remove these barriers with HR consulting for small businesses that know your time and money are precious. When you choose to work with True North, we handle both with the utmost consideration.

Small Business Challenges

Rising to the occasion is often the strategy small businesses take to maintain their operations. But when it comes to HR, those challenges are not as easily handled and may be amplified by one another. Here are some of the top concerns we’ve encountered from small and medium-sized businesses we’ve worked with:

  • Recruiting and hiring: Small and medium businesses often have limited resources to attract and hire top talent. They may struggle to compete with larger companies in terms of salary and benefits packages.
  • Employee retention: Retaining talented employees is another challenge. These organizations may not have the same level of resources and benefits as larger companies, making it difficult to keep employees motivated and engaged.
  • Compliance with employment laws: Without a dedicated HR team to manage compliance with employment laws and regulations, small and medium-sized businesses can face legal issues and potential fines.
  • Training and development: This is an essential factor when considering job opportunities. If your enterprise doesn’t have the scale, you may struggle to provide training and development opportunities for employees due to limited resources.
  • Performance management: Managing employee performance and providing feedback can be challenging for companies without a structured process.

Tailored Solutions for SMBs

Stale, blanketed solutions do not solve the heart of HR concerns for small businesses and can create more harm than good when implemented. Our team focuses on a culture of active listening because only when we determine your pain points can we create a plan that will work for your company. Our services look at HR needs from various perspectives and specific angles, including:

We focus on the human aspect of HR rather than solely on data and metrics. Providing your company with thoughtful HR solutions means a combination of both, but we never lose sight of the people that help your organization operate to its full potential.

Why True North?

There are plenty of automated options available when it comes to HR, but those options lack the touch, experience, knowledge, and passion our firm offers. We make ourselves available to your team and become an extension of your company. Combining various areas of HR expertise, we will determine the best options to suit your company’s unique needs.

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