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At True North HR Consulting, we believe in empowering employers and employees. As one of the most respected and trusted HR consulting firms in Toronto, we take great pride in our service offerings and capabilities, making life better for those on both sides of the proverbial table.

Speed. Efficiency. Productivity. Optimal profit margins. None of these are achievable without a well-retained and robust team consisting of the best talent. For Toronto-area business owners, competitors are a dime a dozen in practically every application imaginable. There’s never been a stronger need for internal innovations that engage, motivate, and encourage employees to remain a part of your team for years to come.

We can help with that, and in more ways than one. True North is one of the most widely respected HR consulting firms in Toronto. We put people first, foster a healthy and harmonious workplace culture, and maximize your potential for success. Together, anything is possible!

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    A one size solution does not fit all when it comes to HR needs. We believe in providing uniquely tailored approaches to the clients we work with. To us, that means meeting with you and developing a strategy that will implement the changes you need from the ground up.

    Our team is capable of supporting your organization with:

    Experience the difference True North HR Consulting can make within your organization. Contact us to learn more about how possibilities can create real change.

    Toronto’s HR Consulting Experts

    Covering All the Angles so You Don’t Have to

    Managed by a team of highly experienced, friendly, and considerate professionals, our HR consulting services in Toronto are ideal for everything from optimizing benefits and compensation to recruitment. We ensure a well-informed approach from both sides of the table by first getting to know you, and then helping you get to know your data. Together, we’re able to pioneer meaningful change to make your operations more alluring to prospects, not to mention more efficient and cost-effective.

    Local Insights

    We’re Torontonians through and through, meaning we have a comprehensive understanding of the employment landscape and common pain points faced by businesses in the GTA. Whether coping with compliance woes, staffing shortages, process bloat or otherwise, we’re happy to step in and ensure your company navigates any choppy waters ahead more smoothly. Leverage our knowledge of trending recruitment practices, pay equity standards for similar roles at local competitors, and much more.

    Proactive Planning

    Whether to dodge unintended policy violations and ensure due diligence, improve the wellbeing and happiness of your workers or otherwise, know that you can count on our approach to strategic planning. We collaborate and develop a game plan with executive-level leadership and those below them. This ensures a fair, proactive, and appropriate path forward – one conducive to success as a team that embraces the unique individuality of every employee.

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