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Choosing the appropriate HR solutions for your company requires thoughtful consideration. All businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from professional HR support to optimize operations. HR consulting services that prioritize your organization to generate unique strategies positively impact your company and employees.

HR challenges for SMEs

Proactive HR management is crucial for small businesses to address challenges effectively; addressing them promptly prevents escalation.

Here are some of the top concerns we’ve encountered from small- and medium-sized businesses we’ve worked with:


Small and medium businesses compete with larger companies for the same talent pool.

Employee retention

Small and medium organizations want to use their resources effectively to motivate and engage employees.

Legal compliance

HR teams sometimes need support to ensure policy and regulation compliance.

Training and development

Enterprises wish to provide employee training and development to scale their businesses.

Performance management

Companies strive to create a balance between employee management and performance by providing constructive feedback.

Simplified solutions

Running a small or medium-sized business means you might wear a few different hats — okay, so you wear all the hats. Understanding the endless HR aspects of your company requires dedicating lots of research and time to resources that don’t work.

Rather than adding to your hat rack, HR consulting gives you professional advice and plans that ensure your time is better spent doing what you’re best at. Remove your HR struggles with external consulting services with considerate, reliable, and sustainable HR solutions.

“We cannot thank True North's incredible team enough for their insight and depth of knowledge that has prepared our office for this year and beyond”
Business Owner

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