Executive Recruiting Services

With our ample expertise in all things HR, we believe in equality, true team spirit, and passion for people. Our approach to executive recruiting puts numbers by the wayside and prioritizes personalities. We believe that the best numbers are a direct result of the hiring decisions made and the company culture fostered.

The Right Personality Traits, the Maximum Potential for Your Team

Not everyone is cut out to manage others in an executive role, and that’s okay! It takes plenty of skill to operate as an influential team member in a high-ranking position and avoid introducing biases. We know how crucial it is to all employees that the executives who fill vacant positions are easy to work and interact with, enjoy collaborating with others, and prefer to listen before asking questions.

We take our executive recruiting services seriously, as do your team members; the final decision will directly impact how your team collaborates, innovates, thrives, retains employees, and grows. Together, let’s help set your entire team up for continued success.

Cultivating the Finest Talent

Many individuals suitable for executive roles have unique, extensive backgrounds in prior positions where they regularly interact with other team members. We love to read up on the stories of folks who have worked their way up and demonstrated unequivocally that they are ready to tackle these challenging roles, and we introduce you to these individuals if we feel that they would be a good match for your requirements and goals.

Our executive recruiters follow thorough processes and focus on cultivating the finest talent. We focus on interpersonal skills and work ethic to ensure that friendly, approachable folks make it through. We don’t forget about important certifications, specialist backgrounds, and other career elements that help inform the decision-making and knowledge of those seeking to fill executive roles. Balancing people and practical skills with knowledge relevant to the role is key. A stronger sense of trust and mutual understanding is established by cultivating talent in this manner. This makes it easier for new executives to integrate seamlessly with teams and operations while helping drive your organization forward.

Executive Roles We’ve Successfully Filled

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
  • Executive Director
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Brand Officer (CBO)
  • General/Senior Manager
  • President/Vice-President and many more
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Why True North HR?

With an extensive background and offering of recruiting services, our team knows what it takes to act as leaders rather than decision-makers. This distinction helps to foster an inclusive, supportive team culture that retains talent. We work closely with you and your candidates to ensure that everyone is on the same page as soon as the role is posted, and we continue this collaborative, supportive approach beyond hiring to ensure that your new hires have everything they need to succeed.

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