The Advantages of Promoting a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Blurred motion of business people walking at a office lobby.

Health is, really, the only leg we must stand on. As soon as we’re feeling unwell, everything else in our lives tends to crumble; we don’t have the energy to nurture our relationships, our quality of life slips away, and you can forget about any substantial level of productivity at work. In all likelihood, the latter will be the first to suffer.

Most businesses have structures in place to aid and support their employees’ suffering from physical symptoms, sick days, healthcare benefits, etc. However, there’s still a way to go in supporting people’s mental health. Maybe your company does provide coverage and recognition for people struggling with mental health issues – but are those benefits purely bureaucratic or based in active company values?

It’s not enough to have policies protecting your team’s mental health if those policies seem like an item on a checklist. People need to know their experiences are being taken seriously. When they’re already wrestling against their mind, the last thing they need is the added paranoia of feeling judged just for having that mental struggle.

There are many suggestions from experts as to how to incorporate due recognition of mental health issues into your company culture, and it shouldn’t take more than a single Google search to procure some strong ideas. What we’d like to highlight are the natural advantages of being a company that does understand the necessity of mental health care.

Taking care of the team does not drain a company of time and resources – rather, it saves time and spares lost productivity in the bigger picture. A team that feels valued puts their best foot forward. People work best with positive reinforcement. Here are some of the behaviours you can expect to see from your team that are actually helping your business when mental health is taken seriously.

Your Team Will Feel Appreciated

People like to know they’re valued. Validating their input and presence increases dedication, loyalty, and job satisfaction, all things that will help the company thrive. Caring for a person’s wellbeing is one of the prime ways to indicate how important they are. By establishing that you care, you are encouraging your employees to reciprocate. If they know you’ll be looking after them, then they’re more likely to return the favour by giving their best at work.

They will be able to do their work more effectively

As mentioned above, when our health deteriorates everything else in our lives is quick to follow. So, it stands to reason that by ensuring the care and quality of your employees’ health (both physical and mental), you are providing them with the necessary resources to better execute their job. Whereas the previous point addressed a team’s willingness to do their job, now we’re talking about their ability. If they’re internally wracked by feelings of anxiety, depression, or any other number of symptoms common to mental illnesses, then they’re simply incapable of doing their job.

Your employees will know they’re taken care of

With mental health openly addressed in the workplace, your employees will know they’re being taken care of. This seems like a small thing, but it can have a remarkable impact on increasing morale. When employees are confident they are (and will continue to be) cared for, stress about the future is majorly reduced. People are great at tormenting themselves about hypothetical circumstances outside of their control, like unforeseen health issues. However, these scenarios become far less stressful when they know there’s a dependable solution. By caring about your employees’ mental health, you’re assuaging their fears of eventual crisis. They’ll know you have their back.

It creates an open-dialogue

To lead effectively, you need all the information. Concealed thoughts, feelings, and motives work against your ability to manage a company. When people know you recognize the gravity of their mental health issues, they will be more likely to confide in you. With this kind of open dialogue, you’re better equipped to fix problems as they arise.

Lowered risk of absenteeism and lost productivity

Healthy employees show up for work. It’s as simple as that. When people don’t have the resources to tend to their health and recover from ailments, they miss more work, more projects fall to the wayside, there’s more slack to be picked up. You want your employees to be healthy so they can do the job you hired them for. Effectively, your employees are your business. Take care of them.

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