HR Services
in Toronto

Tailored for Toronto businesses

Toronto-area business owners operate in a thriving business hub, which means a diverse workforce that needs customized HR solutions. Each company in Toronto has its own needs and staff characteristics, and the solutions need to be equally individualized.

Exclusive HR issues

Greater Toronto Area companies rely on an evolving employee group, with an influx of students, newcomers, and young energetic Gen Z’rs, all of whom desire certain values and purpose from their work. This means HR firms have to innovatively create internal solutions that equip employers with an understanding of their staff and tools to meet their varied expectations.

Workforce optimization

We’re experienced HR experts working with Toronto companies to build specialized solutions that optimize this distinctive Toronto workforce. We don’t believe in fitting one remedy to all problems, so we come up with solutions as exceptional as you are.

A Cut Above The Rest

Being Torontonians through and through, True North HR Consulting staff has studied and closely examined Toronto business problems for decades.

As a respected and trusted Toronto HR consulting firm, we believe in empowering employers by making their employees happy and healthy. Several Toronto businesses have benefited from our people-first HR approach that fosters a healthy and harmonious workplace culture for shared success.

Five professionals collaborating around a laptop in a modern office, with sticky notes on the wall and paperwork on the table.

We remember our True North

Whether coping with compliance, staffing shortages, process bloat or more, we’ve seen it all. When we work with Toronto businesses, we use our knowledge of trending recruitment practices, pay equity standards, HR policies, industry data, and applicable legislation to safeguard your company and workers.

Our approach toward customized HR solutions is collaborative. We work with executive-level leadership and their staff to ensure a fair, proactive, and cooperative path forward. A successful team embraces the individuality of every employee.

“If you are lucky enough to have True North HR work with your organization, you should jump at the chance”
Executive Director

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