HR Services for Businesses of Any Size

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Imagine if you could have access to your own senior-level Human Resources department without the overhead. Now you can! True North HR Consulting offers plans that cover the entire employment lifecycle, making us an expert – and affordable – option for businesses with as few as five employees! Read on to find out about our essential services for businesses of any size.


Hiring great talent starts with attracting great talent. With a little upfront effort, we can assist you in crafting just the right job description to bring a wide range of highly talented candidates into your pipeline —and ensure you are not turning off talent before they even apply.

Select and Onboard

Hiring top talent is not just about filling vacancies anymore. Organizations need to build predictable talent pipelines and keep prospective employees engaged to deliver the best ROI on staffing and recruiting.

We will work closely with you to review your current recruitment and onboarding processes from the candidate’s point of view and partner with you to design a process that will help you attract and retain the right talent.


We believe that effective performance management is essential to businesses. We can work with you to develop a plan that will focus employee performance on the financial, operational and HR success of your business. Our focus will be on developing plans that can be easily measured, administered and add a layer of protection for you the employer.

Separate and Outplace

Saying goodbye to an employee properly can be just as important a process as welcoming them. This is often the most dreaded part of HR and a decision that is never easy or comfortable. It is in these moments that the highest levels of dignity, respect and understanding must flourish.

At True North HR Consulting, our goal is to assist, advise and implement strategies and policies to make your business thrive and keep your people happy. With over 25 years of coast-to-coast experience and expertise, we can help you generate new ideas and solve big problems. Book your FREE one-hour discover call today at