Current HR Challenges for Employers

Two women working on a laptop

The pandemic has forced employers to take a look at their policies and procedures in ways that they have possibly never imagined before. The shift to a remote workplace forced changes and introduced flexibility that some employees may be reluctant to give up. There are also general concerns for human resources about vaccinations, employee safety, […]

What Has 2020 Taught the HR World?

A business man holding a tablet with 2020 on top.

2020 has been a year of challenge and change that has taught the human resources world many important lessons. Ultimately this year has prepared us all to be better business owners and people leaders. Read on for some valuable takeaways from this unprecedented year. Adding new employees is an exciting but stressful process. You want […]

Mental Health Support in the Workplace

A woman sitting in front of a laptop, deep in thought, with a brain symbolizing thinking.

The current pandemic has brought workplace health and wellness into the spotlight, but much of the focus has been on our physical health. COVID-19 has also taken a huge toll on our mental health and it is important that employers are ready with support in the workplace.    A Culture of Support   One of […]

Working Parents and Accommodations for Online Learning

Mother sitting on the couch working on a laptop and the kid playing beside her.

Just when we think we’ve got the working from home thing all figured out, 2020 throws one more hurdle into our path. With school boards across the country introducing new virtual learning plans and revised in-class schedules, many working parents have been left scrambling to accommodate this “new normal”. Let’s take a look at the […]