Current HR Challenges for Employers

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The pandemic has forced employers to take a look at their policies and procedures in ways that they have possibly never imagined before. The shift to a remote workplace forced changes and introduced flexibility that some employees may be reluctant to give up. There are also general concerns for human resources about vaccinations, employee safety, compensation, employee recruitment, and employee retention.

The True North HR Team is ready, willing and able to help employers tackle these new challenges head-on, with expert advice and smart solutions. Let’s take a look at a few of the recent topics we’ve been collaborating on.

Employee Recruitment

Employers are struggling with recruitment after the overwhelming shift to remote work. Many employees took advantage of their newfound flexibility and chose to leave the fast pace of urban city centres for small-town life. While the remote work model allows employers to recruit talent outside of their usual borders, it does present a challenge for those offering less lucrative salaries than their big-city counterparts.

Employee Retention

Many workplaces are reopening their physical offices again and some employees are just not willing to return. There are many factors to be considered, including vaccinations, physical distancing, personal protective equipment requirements and more. While many companies thrived during the forced period of telework, there are many benefits for having face-to-face contact with employees once again. This is essentially uncharted territory for employers as they figure out how to retain employees who would rather resign than return

Hybrid Working Models

Many employers are offering their knowledge workers a hybrid working model, allowing employees the choice of when and/or where they do their work. This gives both employers and employees the chance to ease themselves back into the office setting while still allowing some flexibility. The hybrid working model is ideal for “testing the waters” to see which policies and procedures need to be revised or newly introduced

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